Get Started

To move forward with therapy:

  1. Please reach out via email ( or by phone (650.385.8592). We will let you know whether I have any appointment slots available. Please do not use the appointment scheduling button below.

  2. If I have a slot that works for you, we will proceed with a free, 15 min phone screen.

  3. Based on the outcome of this screen, we may move forward with two, in-person intake sessions. These intake sessions are an opportunity for both of us to determine whether we are a good fit and for me to ensure I can provide the intervention that you need. During COVID-19, I am conducting all therapy sessions via video.

To move forward with a neuropsychological/psychoeducational assessment:

  • Schedule a 90 minute assessment consultation with me using the button below. During this session, I will listen to your concerns, conduct a clinical interview, review any relevant documentation you provide, and I'll make recommendations for next steps. If I recommend an assessment, we'll discuss which type, optimal timing, and the pros and cons of various options.

  • The consultation is via video and for parents or adult patients only. Fee is $625.

  • If we proceed with an assessment, testing will be in-person with COVID-19 precautions.

  • If you would like to begin with a free, 15 min phone consultation, please email with times between 8:30-5 when you are available.

  • As of 10/31/2022, I have intakes Dec. 5 & 6 for testing in January & February. It's important to have time between the intake and testing so we complete questionnaires, I can reach out to relevant providers, and/or I can do a school observation (if appropriate). Sometimes I'll also meet with a child to do an initial interview if there are socioemotional concerns.